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Robert and Julie have been in the T-shirt Business for 20+ years. They live and work in the shadow of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa.

How ‘Africa’s Original DIRT SHIRT’ was born.
We were watching Mike Rowe on Discovery Channel with his programme “Dirty Jobs” One of the ‘jobs’ was with a T-shirt factory in Hawaii who dyed t-shirts with red dirt.

Robert thought it was about time for
‘Africa’s Original DIRT SHIRT’

“Scratching a Living in the Dirt”.
After gathering red earth off the plains of Africa, (through a network of Over-landers & 4 X 4’s) and a lot of ‘trial and errors’ with the dyeing, Rob final got it down to near perfection. The rest is history. We hope you like it. The DIRT SHIRT comes in all sizes from kids to adults, & a ladies cut, and in many colours, all of them dirty shades of reddish brown.

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